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RARE Vintage Original Lacquer Martin Typewriter Bari Sax - Serial # 100163

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Product ID: 100163MartinTypeBari


HELP, I Want One!

A Real Collector's Instrument & a Nice Player Too! - REDUCED PRICE!!

This is a very cool, very unique vintage Martin “Typewriter” series bari sax, serial number 100163. Officially it was another Handcraft model, but everyone knows it as the Typewriter because of the pearl buttons on nearly all of the touch points. Not exactly a fluid horn to play, since you can't slide your pinky between notes on the table keys for example, but it does have a rich, full sound and is certainly one of the most unique saxophones ever made. This sax is also very rare, we've seen a few altos and tenors over the years, but this is the first Typewriter bari sax we've ever come across.


This bari has been around the block, it has a smattering of minor dings and dimples from being out on the road, but still is solid top to bottom. There is no serious past trauma, and the horn is playing great as seen in the video. It is missing the side alternate F# keyguard, but everything else is complete. The original neck is in good shape too. The sax shows moderate lacquer wear for its age (manufactured in 1930), but the lacquer is original and it has never been refinished. Besides the unique touches, it has some other innovative features too. For instance there are 2 side keys, one for Bb as per usual, the other opens both side (alternate) C as well as high E. Two keys in one!


We are selling this sax as-is mostly to keep the price down. It is playing great as it sits, but we have not gone through it in our shop. If you are on the hunt for a great piece of saxophone history, this is a fantastic option, as you won't likely ever see another one!