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RARE! Vintage Meyer New York USA 9s Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Soprano Sax

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Meyer New York USA
This is an extremely rare Meyer 9s mouthpiece for soprano saxophone. These pieces are not often see for soprano so finding one in a 9 facing is a real treat. This one in particular has an ultra fast response to air and a super sweet sonic character. Its inner workings features a wide open chamber throat with slanted inner side walls and a very gradual baffle floor.
The piece is in very nice physical condition for its vintage. Its outer body shows some blemishing and scratches from past ligature and reed placement. There is a squared area of shallow indentation on the beak left by the teeth placement of the previous owner. It is possible this piece was touched up around the facing profile at some point in the past. As it sits now the condition of the table, tip and side rails is quite clean.
The tip opening on the piece measures .066”.