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RARE Vintage Martin Typewriter Soprano Sax in Original Silver - Serial # 94931

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Product ID: 94931MartinSoprano

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This is a gorgeous and supremely rare Martin Typewriter series soprano sax in original silver plating, serial number 94931. This is only Typewriter soprano we've ever had in store, and finding it in gorgeous original plating just sweetens the deal.


Martin made this series at the height of the typewriter craze, when everyone was buying typewriters to have at home. Building off that popularity, they created this model, which features mother-of-pearl key touches on nearly every key, which resemble typewriter buttons. I'm sure they thought they'd sell a ton of horns, but it was a colossal failure. You can't slide at all from key to key in the table or side keys, so it is not very ergonomic, and the model was scrapped after just 2 years in production. We've had a good number of altos come through over the years, and a handful of tenors, but this is the first soprano.


This horn is in tremendous shape, with 99% original silver plating intact (and gold wash inside the bell). There are no signs of dents, dings, or previous repairs anywhere in this horn, including no resoldered joints. Pads have recently been replaced, and the sax features all new white leather pads with metal domed resonators. It is sealing great, and will get a final check-over from our repair shop before shipping.


These old Martin sopranos have probably the sweetest, “prettiest” sound you'll find on a vintage soprano. Very easy on the ears, it plays with a lush and warm tone, with a fast response. Like most vintage American made horns, its sound is on the spread spectrum, but it doesn't lose its warm core/foundation. A very cool instrument for collectors of the odd stuff. Ships in a modern hard case.