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RARE Supertone Albert System - C Clarinet

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A Semi-Curved Oddity
This semi-curved "Saxonette" is branded as Supertone and is in C concert pitch, not the more common Bb. The horn is plastic and features nickel-plated keys configured in the Albert System. The plasic body is straight, like a traditional clarinet, but the bell is tipped and the barrel curves at about a 45 degree angle, both are made of nickel-plated brass. Its profile is reminiscent of the semicurved saxes of the early 20th century, like the King Saxello. There are neither serial nor nation of origin markings on the instrument. The Supertone brand instruments were made by various manufacturers, so without more ID markings, we've been unable to accurately pin down either an age or a maker for this horn, but it may have been built in either France or Czechoslovakia.
The clarinet has been recently repadded with bladder skin pads and natural corks throughout. The overall timbre tends bright and the tipped bell provides more immediate aural feedback to the player when compared to a traditional straight bell. 
The horn ships in a nice wood case that is in immaculate condition. Included are an unbranded hard rubber mouthpiece (table stamp C3), single screw ligature, and cap.