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RARE Selmer 'Padless' Alto Saxophone - Cool Collector's Piece! - Serial # 28004

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RARE Selmer USA “padless” alto saxophone, serial number 28004. You may have heard about these horns before, but seeing them in person is a whole new experience. Produced by Buescher for the H&A Selmer company in 1941, these horns featured a very unique design not seen on anything else. 


The reasoning behind this saxophone was to generate more power as the entire pad cup becomes the resonator. Instead of using traditional leather pads, this sax features a leather-like “ring” pad set inside the tone holes, over which the flat metal keys would seal. It is a very cool discussion piece. This sax was relacquered long ago, almost certainly done at the Buescher factory, because it looks perfect.

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We are selling this rare sax “as is”. It comes complete with its original neck, and outside of a few minor dings, the sax is in remarkable condition. It has never been abused and obviously hasn't been played very much in its life. It does ship in a good hard case.