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Rare Runyon Custom The Spoiler 5 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece WITH INTEGRATED SPOILER! . 081/2.06mm

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Product ID: RunyonSpoilerBTen5Aug2021

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Extra Reed for Extra Projection
This is a rare Runyon Custom "The Spoiler" tenor sax mouthpiece made of black plastic with an INTEGRATED spoiler/chamber reed! The stamped opening is 5 and it measures .081"/2.06mm. The body of the mouthpiece is in good shape with minor scuffs and ligature marks, but no evidence of cracking. The table, tip, and rails are likewise good with a small scratch on the table and a little ding on the tip that does not contact the reed and hasn't misshaped it.
Internally, there is a slight roll baffle and the floor is quite low. The integrated spoiler reed is affixed to the floor creating a secondary baffle. The chamber is square. The mouthpiece tends dark-ish like a Runyon Custom but with more mid- and high-frequency harmonics. It subtones nicely but roars into high dynamics with relative ease.
No mouthpiece cap or ligature are included.