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RARE Original Silver SML 'Super 45' Alto Saxophone - Serial # 5814

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Extremely Rare Collector's SML Transitional Alto Sax

This is a very cool, ultra rare 1945 vintage SML “Super 45” alto sax, serial number 5814. This alto is in original silver plating and just needs a good cleaning, oiling, and repad to be a great player again. The Super series was a transitional model made between the Rev B and Rev C series. Besides being very cool, these are some of the rarest SML saxophones out there. This is the first SML horn to have its unique table keys that became standard on all models that came after. In general, the Super series of horns feel much more comfortable than the previous Rev B, and the groundwork was laid here for the models that came later.


As you can see in the photos, this sax is very straight and shows no previous signs of abuse. The original silver plating is tarnished but shows only mild finish wear on a few touch points, and is a solid 99% intact, remarkable for its age. The saxophone and original neck have no major past damages or repairs, just a couple very small pings that can easily be removed. There are no resolders that I can see.


This alto came to us in very old pads, and it is due for a restoration. With our repair shop backed up for months, we have decided to offer this beauty as-is at a very low price, and pass along the savings. If you have a bench at home, or a preferred tech to do the work, this alto can be brought back to live in no time. The sax is complete with no broken or missing keywork. The keys are a little sluggish but everything moves. The sax will need to be disassembled and cleaned, with keywork oiled, and new pads, corks, and springs replaced. With that work finished, it will be a tremendous saxophone again. These SML horns have a real cult following, as they are very Selmer-like in feel and response, and are versatile enough for any gig you want to take them to. This one being in original silver is a truly great find.