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RARE Original Silver Lyon & Healy Semi-Curved Soprano Saxophone - Serial # 17689

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Product ID: 17689LHSoprano


HELP, I Want One!

Here's a horn for all you collectors out there. This is a true Lyon & Healy semi-curved soprano sax in gorgeous original silver plate, serial number 17689. This soprano, keyed in Bb, features a straight body with a “tipped” neck and a curved bell. The bell curved up like a traditional sax bell, not down like a modern tipped bell soprano, nor straight out like a King Saxello. This is a very rare instrument, and would be the centerpiece of many a collector's showcase.


This instrument dates back to the 1920's, but despite its age, it looks fantastic. Though a bit tarnished from sitting all these years, the original factory silver plating is overall in excellent condition, and can easily be polished up to look like new. The sax is missing 2 of “mercedes style” low keyguards, but being that they are just wire guards, they are easily fabricated. The rest of the horn is complete, and shows no past dent work or damage repair.


This soprano has old pads and is in need of restoring. Cleaned up and repadded, this can be a sweet player, or keep it original for the true collectors out there, it is your choice. Either way, it is one of the rarest saxophones you'll come across.