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RARE Original Buescher Aristocrat Curved Soprano Sax with Art Deco Engraving # 281321

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Product ID: 281321BuescherCurvedSop


HELP, I Want One!

This is the real deal: a 1937 vintage Buescher Aristocrat curved soprano sax, serial number 281321. This is a true, first series Aristocrat, with the art deco style engraving, and amazingly, it is original lacquer too! Finding curved sopranos from Buescher in this late of vintage is extremely rare, in fact, I believe it is the first of its kind that we have ever sold here at Saxquest. It's a true gem for serious collectors.


This is a fantastic soprano all around. It has a previous solder and repair on the bottom bow cap, as seen in the photos, which has lost some lacquer in the work, and the attached neck currently has a minor pull-down which we will correct in the course of our repad. There are no other previous damages or repairs to the horn, and the original lacquer is overall 90-95% intact. All of the original snap-in metal resonators are still with the sax, and we will re-use these during our repad.


As stated, this sax will get a complete cleaning and repadding from the Saxquest repair shop before shipping. We'll clean up that solder work and correct the angle on the neck. All new pads and material will get the sax playing just as well as the day it left the factory in 1937. This is a fascinating horn for collectors and professional players, and will be a fun sax to play once padded up. It does come in its original case, which is also in stellar shape, with original Buescher name plate.