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Rare! Freddie Gregory Metal .130 High Baffle Mouthpiece for Tenor, SN0521

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Product ID: 0521FGregHndMadeTenTP


HELP, I Want One!

Custom Made – Freddie Gregory
This is a very cool “Custom Made” metal mouthpiece for tenor sax made by Freddie Gregory, serial number 0521. In addition to being a an amazingly crafted piece this one in particular was made with a .130 tip opening. There is a little bit of light wear from previous reed placement visible on the upper part of the table. The profile of the side rails and tip are in excellent condition.
This piece showcases a very notable baffle with a high floor. Despite the high baffle I did not find this piece to be ultra bright by any means. With a tip opening at .130 this piece does take a fair amount of air to play. Because of the unique and rare nature of these pieces it might be just as desirable to the serious collector as it is to the pro looking for a big tip opening.
Ships with mouthpiece tube shown in pictures.