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Rare Buescher Hard Rubber Dill Pickel Mouthpiece for Bari/Bass Sax

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Product ID: BuescherTTBari98


HELP, I Want One!

Round Rimmed Shank

Here's a fantastic old bari mouthpiece that you just don't see for sale that often in this kind of condition. This is a 1920's-30's vintage hard rubber Buescher mouthpiece for the bari sax. This fat body piece would have originally come with a Buescher True Tone bari sax and is a fantastic find for anyone with a vintage Buescher or Conn bari sax (or even bass sax) who wants to find a matching mouthpiece from that era.

This one is in tremendous shape and honestly looks to have spent most of its life tucked away in a drawer. You can even see some of the original denim style millmarks on the table. It has a couple stray cosmetic surface scratches but no real wear of note. Tip, rails, table, and beak are all in excellent condition. This piece has an original tip opening of .060”, small by today's standards, but that was the norm when it was manufactured. There is plenty of room at the tip if you wanted to get his piece opened up later. It has a big fat body and large, round chamber.