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RARE Brilhart Tonalin Streamline 4* Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - Serial # 24047

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Product ID: 24047Streamline4STenor


HELP, I Want One!

Pristine condition vintage Brilhart Tonalin Streamline series mouthpiece for the tenor sax, serial number 24047. This is a Carlsbad era Brilhart, but you'd never guess its age by how nice it looks. The only real wear I spot is a couple very shallow indents in the bite plate, but no deep grooves, no deep scratches, and the original black stamping looks great with very little fading. Tip and rails are original. The piece is stamped a 4* and measures .087”. This is the tenor version of the famous alto sax Tonalin Streamline, known as the “Charlie Parker mouthpiece.”