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Rare Black Runyon Custom Alto Sax Mouthpiece WITH INTEGRATED REED! .080

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Product ID: RunyonCustomBkSP2AltoSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

Where are the walls? WE BLEW THEM DOWN!
This rare variant on the classic Runyon Custom mouthpiece includes one of Santy's inventions: an integrated reed in the chamber that sympathetically vibrates to increase production of the medium to high overtones!
Made of black plastic, this alto piece has no size stamp, but measures .082"/2.02mm which is a solid a Runyon 7. The body is in good shape, with only minor scuffing. The table, tip, and rails are immaculate as are the reed and shank.
Reigned in, this piece is a medium-dark, sultry player, but when pushed, that reed kicks in with plenty of cut and a good brightening of the timbre. This piece in particular issues an easily controlled storehouse of power that can go from warming peoples' hearts to setting the room ON FIRE at the player's whim.
No ligature or cap are included.