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Rare Black Runyon Custom 6 Bari Sax Mouthpiece WITH INTEGRATED REED! .090

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Product ID: RunyonCustomSP6BkBariSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

The Big Warm Buzz
This vintage black plastic Runyon Custom for bari sax features one of Santy's inventions: an integrated reed in the chamber that sympathetically vibrates to increase production of the medium to high overtones! With a factory original 6 opening, the tip measures .090"/2.87mm. With a medium-large chamber, this mouthpiece runs the gamut from subdued, cozy, whispers to a large force of sound that is warm, focused, and slightly bright. With the chamber reed, this mouthpiece has a good deal more edge and buzz than a standard Custom which makes it a winner for playing solos or filling out the horn lines in a rock, RnB, or Ska band.
The body has some light scuffing and the paint in the Runyon logos is a bit worn, but the table, tip, rails, reed, and shank are all in immaculate condition. If you want a great, all-arounder bari piece that can blast its way into some lead lines, this one warrants consideration.
No ligature or cap are included.