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RARE '53 Vintage Selmer SBA Baritone Sax in Original Silver Plate - Serial # 55061

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Product ID: 55061SBABari


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very late vintage (late 1953) Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action baritone sax, serial number 55061. This horn would have been on the production line even as Mark VI altos and tenors were getting made. It is a tremendous example of a very clean SBA, in original silver plate. These instruments are getting more and more rare to find in such good condition, making this bari a unique find.


The original silver plate, with Euro style engraving, remains in overall very good shape, as seen in the photos. There is plating wear here and there for sure, as you'd expect for a 70 year old sax that has been out in the real world getting played, but most SBA (and even Mark VI) bari saxes don't look half as nice. Physically, there's some past dent work in the bottom bow and upper crook, but nothing crazy. A couple keyguard feet have been replaced (non-original) and been resoldered, but all minor, cosmetic stuff. The original neck is in excellent shape and overall, the sax looks incredible.


All of the pads are still in great shape, with years of life ahead of them. The sax will get a fresh pro set up from our repair shop before shipping, where we'll clean and reseat pads as needed, replace some material, and even out the action, so that it feels great when you receive it. All work to get the sax in perfect playing shape is included in the price.


This bari plays with a strong, beefy sound, with a powerful middle range that only thickens as you go down into the bell keys. I've played some SBA's that really struggled on intonation, especially in the palm keys, but this sax is better than most and is certainly manageable, and seems to tune best with a Link or other large/medium-large chamber mouthpiece. I would have no problem taking this horn out to any gig and you can blend in well, and it has the power to project when you need it. Ships in a hard shell SKB deluxe bari sax case.