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RARE 1921 Vintage Conn New Wonder Tenor Sax in Chrome White Finish # 65899

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Product ID: 65899ConnTenor


HELP, I Want One!

A Real Collector's Instrument

Here's a old sax you do not see every day. This is a 1921 vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder tenor sax, serial number 65899. You might say an old New Wonder is nothing special, but this one is still in the original white finish. Different from silver plate, this was a color option offered by Conn for just a handful of years in the early 20's.


Conn officially called this the “chrome finish”, and it was basically a colored enamel, with options for red, white, green, blue, pink, or black. The Saxquest Museum happens to have an original black finish Conn C Melody from the same era. The enamel finish did not tend to hold up well over time and you very rarely see these anymore intact and complete. This example does have finish wear on the bell and body tube, but overall the original white finish is still in very good shape.


Physically, this tenor has seen some use. This tenor does feature rolled tone holes, which have never been filed on. There are a number of past repairs, mostly surface resolders and the like, with the palm F key also having been broken and repaired in the past. The original neck has a slight pull-down but is otherwise solid. This tenor does feature rolled tone holes, which have never been filed on. All of these are relatively minor issues, and the solder can be cleaned up during the overhaul.


This tenor came to us in old pads, and it will definitely need a repad if you plan on playing it. Due to both the backlog in our repair shop and the extreme collector's nature of this saxophone, we have decided to offer it “as is” at a very low price. If you are a serious collector, you won't easily find another vintage sax with this kind of color option. Does ship in a hard case.