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Purple Logo Yamaha YTS-62 Tenor Sax in Great Shape - Serial # 022850

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Product ID: 022850Yamaha62Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is sweet playing Yamaha YTS-62 tenor sax, serial number 022850. This is one of the early “purple logo” models, often a very highly sought-after instrument. It is in great shape and ships with a fresh pro set up from our repair shop.


This tenor shows typical playing wear for older tenor, but has obviously never been abused. Most of the lacquer wear is on the back of the body tube, where it may rest against the player during play. The “front” of the sax shows very little wear, just some light cosmetic scratching. The body of the sax shows no past dents or repairs, and just one resolder, on the upper foot of the low Eb keyguard. The neck had one tiny ding removed from under the octave key saddle, but the saddle did not pop off and there are no resolders, and the neck was never pulled down.


This tenor has had pads replaced as needed over the years, all fitted with brown plastic resonators. We are going to completely disassemble and the clean the sax, and replace any pads that are starting to age, and all key material. We'll make sure it is in tip-top shape and back the work with our full one year warranty.


There's some voodoo magic about these early purple logo Yamaha's. It just feels more resonant under your fingers, and the sound leaps out of the horn when you push it. It isn't an overly dark or bright horn, and plays in the middle of the road, allowing you as the player to take it in either direction as needed. A good all-around sax that won't disappoint! Comes in its original hard case.