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Professional Yamaha YSS-62 'Purple Logo' Soprano Sax - Serial # 5872

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Product ID: 5872Yamaha62Sop


HELP, I Want One!

Excellent condition pro model Yamaha YSS-62 soprano sax, serial number 5872. This is a one piece, straight neck “purple logo” series 62, with keywork to high F#. It is in fantastic shape and will get a fresh overhaul from our repair shop before shipping.


This sax has been professionally played and maintained, and shows only light lacquer wear from normal use. There are absolutely no dents and no resolders. We acquired this sax from a military band, who etched their name below the octave key thumb rest, as seen in the photos. The scratching is a bit too deep to buff off, but it is just cosmetic. The horn is straight and has obviously been well cared for.


When we received this soprano, pads were starting to get up there in years. We wanted to do it right, so it is currently in our repair shop in line for a complete cleaning and repad. We'll replace all pads and material, using original style brown plastic resonators, and readjust spring tensions and key heights up and down the horn. Once complete, this sax will feel like a brand new horn again.


It's a shame Yamaha didn't continue to offer this model for longer, as it is a really great player. Its sound is full without being too bright or piercing, and definitely has a modern “contemporary” aspect to its tone. It takes your air well with little resistance, and I imagine it will be even more free blowing once our repad is complete. It ships in its original Yamaha purple case as photoed.