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Professional Buffet Crampon R13 Bb Clarinet, Serial #81870 - 1960's Vintage

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Product ID: 81870BuffetR13Bb


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Freshly Repadded - Ready to Go!
Excellent condition Buffet Crampon Paris R13 series Bb clarinet, serial number 81870. The body joints are all in excellent original condition as well as the bell and 66mm barrel. The clarinets from this period of Buffet are often called “Golden Era” models and are very sought after in the used clarinet market. 
When we receive this clarinet, it had been some time since the clarinet has received any service work. As such it received a full professional overhaul in our shop. The Overhaul included a disassemble, cleaning, oiling and replacement of all materials followed by a extremely thorough regulation by Audrey Denny. The instrument is now in perfect playing condition, backed with our one year service warranty.