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Pro Model Yamaha YTS-62 'Purple Logo' Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 016501

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Product ID: 016501Yamaha62Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a true early series Yamaha YTS-62 “purple logo” tenor sax, serial number 016501. These early series 62’s have stayed in high demand, and justifiably so. This tenor is a big player with excellent control and is a bit warmer sounding than most newer Yamaha tenors.
As you can see in the photos, this horn shows moderate lacquer wear, but it is original and has never been refinished. The sax shows a smattering of minor dings and dimples from a life of use, but no major past trauma. There’s one resolver, on one foot of the low Eb guard. The neck is also original to the horn. It currently has a slight pull-down, which we’ll correct before shipping.
This tenor came to us on old pads well past end-of-life, so it is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh overhaul. We’ll take the horn apart, clean it inside and out, and replace all pads and material. We’ll use premium firm leather pads and original style brown plastic resonators, and adjust the spring tensions and key heights for optimal feel and response. We’ll make sure you receive it in perfect playing shape, and the work will be backed by our one year mechanical warranty. Ships in a BAM softpack case.