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Pristine! Yamaha YSS-875EX Custom EX Soprano Sax in Gold Lacquer, 007230

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Product ID: 007230YSS875EXSop


HELP, I Want One!

Beautiful Custom EX – High F#, 2 Necks
This is a lovely Yamaha YSS – 875 “Custom EX” soprano saxophone, serial number 007230. Talk about a beauty! The last user of this soprano took extremely good care of it and kept it nicely maintained. There is a few light starches here and there but nothing serious. It has no history of major repair from the past user. The body tube, necks and bell area are all in fantastic original condition. This model does feature key work up to high F#. The key work and key pearls all still feel new and crisp under the fingers.
The Custom EX is the darkest of the modern Yamaha saxophones and also tends to be the most focused model as well. These saxophones are perfect for anyone looking for dark sound with a lot of control. Due to the great control and dark focused sound these saxophones are very popular with the classical saxophonist. This one in particular is a very fine player and show cases quick and very direct response to air flow. Projection and the rich character of sound on this instrument is exceptional. 
This soprano is currently awaiting a set-up in the Saxquest shop. It ships out in perfect playing condition with original case and both the G2 and G2R neck.