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Pristine Trevor James Signature Custom RAW Unlacquered Tenor Sax - Serial # T9504

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Our Price: $ 2,400.00

Product ID: T9504TJRawTenor

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If you've been looking for the deal of the day, this is the sax to grab. This is a flawless condition Trevor James Signature Custom tenor sax in RAW unlacquered body/keys, serial number T9504. I've been super impressed with this sax from the get-go. It plays with a bold sound without losing its central core and tonal color, and can be had for an unbeatable price.


Honestly, this horn doesn't look to have been played very much. Unlacquered horns tarnish quickly and start turning all kinds of different colors when you start putting some time on them, but this one still mostly looks factory. There is some tarnish starting on the neck and bottom bow, but not much else. No dents or previous repairs anywhere, and pads are all still in flawless shape. Another shop did a pro set up on this tenor recently, and we'll give it a once-over to make sure pads are sealing before it ships.


If you are looking for a low priced tenor that will impress, this tenor will not disappoint. Ships in its original shaped case, which is also in new condition.