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Pristine! P. Mauriat 67RGL Gold Lacquer Alto Saxophone, Serial #PM0406317

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Product ID: PM0406317PMauriat67RGLAlt


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Sweet! P. Mauriat 67R - Rolled Tone Holes
This is a very nice P. Mauriat 67RGL alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number PM0406317. The gold lacquer model of the 67R plays with a slightly brighter and more focused sonic character in comparison to the dark lacquer and un-lacquered versions. These saxophones have an ultra responsive free blowing sound. They also feel great under the fingers and are keyed up to high F#. In contrast to some of the other modern saxophones out there the rolled tone hole construction on the 67R gives them a bigger more robust sound, especially in the lower register. The big powerful sound makes these models very akin to the vintage American saxophones like Conn and Buescher.  
This particular 67R was owned and professionally maintained for a short time. It is still in pristine condition showing a few light scratches here and there but nothing to serious. There has never been any body or solder repairs. The original Super VI neck is with it in perfect condition. The instrument ships out in perfect playing condition with the original P. Mauriat contoured case.