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Pristine Original Lacquer Vintage SML King Marigaux Tenor Sax, Serial #26906 – High F#

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Product ID: 26906KingMarigauxTen


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King SML - High F#
This is a vintage SML King Marigaux tenor saxophone, serial number 26906. The lacquer condition on the tenor is about as nice as it gets. There is a little bit of light play wear showing but it has no history of major repair on the body and original neck.  In addition to looking very nice the sax also has all of the original gold plated springs and key pearls. One of the coolest features on the SML tenors is the adjustable lever behind the G# key. This lever allows the player to move back and forth between non articulating and articulating G#. A previous owner of this horn added a more comfortable plastic thumb hook as well as an additional neck strap ring. This tenor does have the original neck with it. The neck is in outstanding condition.
These Marigaux's are great players when you are looking for a rich French core sound. This one in particular has a nice focused quality and projects with a crystal clear voice. The beautiful sonic character of the tenor makes it a very fun and powerful instrument to play. This Marigaux came into our shop playing on brown leather pads and nylon resonators. In order to ensure it ships in perfect playing condition the sax is currently in line to be professionally set-up. The set-up will include a dissemble and cleaning followed by a precise regulation of the key work. While the horn is apart we will also replace any needed key materials and pads. This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition in box wood hard case.