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Pristine Condition Yamaha 62 “Purple Logo” Soprano, Serial #1028

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Product ID: 1028Yamaha62Sop


HELP, I Want One!

This is a beautiful Yamaha YSS-62 “purple logo” soprano saxophone, serial number 1028. Rarely do we come across a purple logo Yamaha of this age in this great of condition. It appears to have been extremely well cared for in the past. Tonally this horn is a very vibrant and lively player. It has a ton of color and effortless response throughout its entire range. Intonation is spot on and the low register in particular elicits a gorgeous thick sound. For Players in search of a great versatile soprano that plays with ease, this is a perfect fit.
This horn is in remarkable physical shape and appears to have spent much of its life in a case. The lacquer is nearly 99% in tact, which is very rare for a horn of this age, and there are absolutely no dents or past signs of repair work. The floral engraving near the bell looks beautiful and crisp. Aside form some light surface scratches throughout the body tube and neck of the horn it is in fantastic shape.
This soprano came into our shop on mostly original pads. It is currently in line to receive a professional set-up in the Saxquest shop. It ships out in perfect playing condition with the original Yamaha box hard case. Both the price and quality of this soprano make this one of the best deals on the market.