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Pristine B&N Lost Wax Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece TK 112, Serial #122004

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Product ID: BNLwaxTK112TenLJ


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Lost Was Tenor – Finished by Ted Klum
This is a very nice B&N Lost Wax mouthpiece for tenor saxophone, serial number 122004. The piece was hand finished to .112” by Ted Klum, this is just a little larger than an 8 in Otto Link measurements. Physically the piece is about as clean as it gets. It has been played in the past but the last owner took very good care of it. The facing profile is in pristine original condition.  
The Lost Wax is the perfect piece if you are looking for something like a vintage link but with more bite and sizzle. This piece responds with a nice balance and a medium warm color while maintaining crystal clear projection. Its construction show cases a wide open throat and a thumb print style rolled baffle.