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Pretty! Yanagisawa 991 Alto Saxophone in Gold Lacquer, Serial #00259865

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Product ID: 00259865Yani991Alt


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Yanagisawa 991 – Includes Professional Set-Up
This is a very nice Yanagisawa 991 alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 00259864. If you are looking to get into a great pro alto for under 3,000 this alto is a top shelf choice. The Yanagisawa 991 has long been a go to choice for some of the worlds finest professional alto players. This one plays with a warm focused sound and showcases outstanding clarity in its projection. The versatility of the 991 is excellent. The last owner played it professionally and kept it nicely maintained over the years. It is also currently in our shop in line for a professional set-up. The set-up includes a dissemble, cleaning and precise regulation of the key work. Once complete it will be in perfect playing condition and will also feature new cork and felt work. 
The body of the alto is in excellent shape. It does show some typical cosmetic wear around the major touch points but nothing too serious. The body tube, bell and original neck are all in nice original condition. There is a small ding on around the outer edge of the bow guard which will be removed and cleaned up while it is in the Saxquest shop. 
This Yani is a great way to get into a pro alto while keeping the price under 3,000. Ships out in perfect playing condition with Saxquest's pro set-up.