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Prestine Condition! Original Lacquer 'Purple Logo' Yamaha YTS-61 Tenor Saxophone #007873

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Product ID: YTS61Ten1208


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Great Pro Player
Here is a fantastic "Purple Logo" Yamaha YTS-61 tenor saxophone with its original lacquer finish, serial number 007873. The YTS-61 was Yamaha’s first pro line saxophone, its design was inspired by the Selmer Mark VI Tenor saxophone. This tenor features the classic J-shaped guard on the bell keys with modern keywork all the way up to a high F#. This saxophone has been recently overhauled by our own shop tech Hunter Murray, all materials and pads have been replaced.
This saxophone is in exquisite physical condition as it has not seen much play time, and there are no signs of any past solders. There are signs of acid bleed on the lacquer across the horn. The original Purple Logo is still 100% in-tact without any signs of chipping. Acid bleed is caused by trapped moisture coming to the surface from under the lacquer, this is only cosmetic and doesn't affect the playability or tone of the saxophone. All the keys, posts, keyguards are present and accounted for and in fantastic original condition. This saxophone includes the original neck with the red Yamaha emblem, the neck has also not seen any trauma by being pulled down nor has it received any soldering repair.
The Yamaha 61 tenors are fantastic pro horns. Compared to their successor, the modern day YTS-62, the 61 plays warmer with less resistance. This horn is no exception and, in fact, plays with a delightful warm timbre while retaining the similar feel of a 62. This horn is very flexible and great for any professional player looking for a quality horn at a discounted price.
This tenor ships out in perfect playing condition, a full overhaul, and it's original Yamaha wood hard case.