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Players Special! Vintage Selmer Paris Original Lacquer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, Serial #112158

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HELP, I Want One!

Pro Player! Mark VI Tenor Sax - 1963
This is a Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax in original lacquer, serial number 112158. While it is not the prettiest horn around it is in solid physical condition and is ideal for the pro player looking for an original lacquer VI. The pictures tell the story of the horn the best. The body of the saxophone shows an original lacquer finish with the proper dark honey tint as well as crisp American floral engraving.  It includes the original neck with matching serial number. The body of this saxophone is in solid physical condition from top to bottom showing history of plenty of performances and some past repair. Looking over the saxophone closely, the the bell flare was repaired in the past along with the bell to body brace. At some point it looks like the neck was slightly pulled down but was properly corrected by a previous tech back to its original position. All of the original key guards are intact and in good shape with no signs of major past repair.  A previous owner had a tech add on a extra piece of brass on the bell key guard to hold a mic clip. They also changed out the original pearl touch front F key for a “tear drop” style front F. This is the only non original key on the sax. 
The tenor is currently in line in our shop awaiting a mechanical restoration with some much needed cleaning and general TLC.  The professional Saxquest overhaul will include a complete disassemble, cleaning, precise key fitting and replacement of all pads, materials and a completely new spring outfit. When it is complete it will be sporting a brand new set of pro Valentino pads, metal domed resonators, new felts and corks. While the saxophone is in our shop we will remove the old cork risers and the extra piece of brass on the bell key guard. There are currently a few small dings on the horn which will also be removed. Once we are able to complete the repair we will post a fresh set of photos. 
This saxophone has not seen any servicing for about 20 years. Despite having older pads and leaks we were able to play test the horn enough before it went into the shop to get a good feel for how it plays. It is a fantastic playing VI and features a robust free blowing sound with an ample amount of power and brilliance.  The core of the sax is much more balanced and centered compared to the Selmer tenors from the 1950s. This characteristic makes it great for the modern player needing something for use in a lot of different musical settings. 
This is the perfect horn for the pro player looking for an original VI with out breaking the 10 thousand dollar threshold. It has a great look about it and does still show nice lacquer coverage around the Selmer stamp and floral pattern. Ships out in in perfect playing condition in a contoured SKB case.