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Perfect Gig Horn! Taiwanese Prototype Alto Sax, Raw Brass w/ Silver Plated Keys

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Product ID: PMProtoAltDT


HELP, I Want One!

Taiwanese Prototype Alto – No Markings
This is a unique horn and is listed for a great price if you are in need of an instrument at student pricing. The alto was professionally played and serviced by the last owner over the last several years. The body consists of a standard brass bell with a high copper content bow, body tube and neck. This saxophones clear lacquer has also been removed on the body tube, bow, bell and neck. The keys are silver plated as is the octave key on the neck and the right hand thumb rest. 
The saxophone is an unmarked prototype from P. Mauriat. It shows off modern key work to high F# with a tear drop front F key. This is most likely the same type of key work they use for the 67 models. The saxophone is completely with out markings, no brand stamp and no serial number. Its bell is completely bare making it a nice candidate for custom engraving if that is something you are into. 
The saxophone was professionally set-up by Derick Tramel of the Saxquest shop. All of the pads and metal resonators on the sax are in great shape. The key work has a nice and positive feel allowing for fluid movement across the entire instrument. Like most of the P. Mauriat saxophones this one is very free blowing and can be played with quite a punch when desired. The alto does lean on the brighter side of things regarding sound color and can take in a lot of air. If you need a horn you can push hard this alto is a great choice. 
If you are not bothered by the fact this saxophone has not markings you can get into it at a incredible price. Looks aside this saxophone is on a playing level with any of the altos in our shop in the 2 – 3 thousand range. Because it does not have markings we are offering it at a premium price.  This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition with a contoured hard plastic case. 
If you have any questions about this sax please feel free to send questions directly to zac@saxquest.com