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Pearl Side Key, Original Lacquer King Super 20 Alto Sax - Serial # 313020

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Product ID: 313020Super20Alto


HELP, I Want One!

King Super 20

This is 1950 vintage King Super 20 alto sax in original lacquer, serial number 313020. It has good pads and will get a fresh adjustment from our repair shop before shipping. This is a tremendous price for an original “pearl side key” Super 20, I don't expect it to be here for long.


As you can see in the photos, there's not much lacquer left on this alto, but it has never been relacquered/refinished. The engraving remins crisp and defined on both the bell and the sunburst engraving on the low B/Bb key cups. Despite so much lacquer wear, the horn is solid physically and doesn't appear to have ever been abused. The bell flare and the curve of the bottom bow are spectacular. There are 2 tiny dings in the body tube, which we will remove during our adjustment, and no resolders anywhere that I can find. One very tiny pencil-point ping in the sterling silver neck, and no other previous damage. The neck does have the underslung octave key and double socket receiver.


This is a second series Super 20, featuring the improved (and much more comfortable) table key layout in the left hand pinky cluster. It features pearl inlay on nearly all of the touch points (side keys, palm keys, pinky G#, and octave key).


Pads are just a couple years old, and are black leather pads fitted with flat disc metal resonators. To make sure it gets to you in optimal playing shape, the sax will get a thorough set up from our repair shop before going out. We'll take out those dings mentioned above, clean the horn inside and out, and replace all key adjustment material. We'll clean and adjust pads and make sure everything is sealing just right.


This alto is a powerful player, with a strong core. It isn't overly bright, but still plays with a good edge, and projection is outstanding. Really good jazz or rock alto, but you can pull it back too for ballads or any kind of softer playing that you may be called upon. Ships in a good hard case.