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Pearl Side Key King Super 20 Tenor Sax w/ King Vox Octavoice - Serial # 298071

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Product ID: 298071Super20Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

LOW Price on an early Super 20 tenor
This is a cool old horn. This is a 1948 vintage King Super 20 tenor sax, serial number 298071. This tenor is an early “series 1” Super 20, featuring pearl side keys on many of the touch points. What sets this particular tenor apart is it has a working King Vox “Octavoice” unit, which attaches to the pickup in the neck. Very rare to find one of these that is working!
The tenor itself is in solid shape. It was relacquered in the 60's by the previous owner, at the King factory. This is why it now as nickel plated keywork as opposed to its original lacquered keys, as King relacquered the horn in the style in which they were producing horns in the later 1960's. The sax shows a couple tiny pings here and there, but no major dents, and only mild lacquer wear from regular use. The sax has been played, but obviously never abused. The original sterling silver neck with underslung octave key and double socket receiver is in great shape, and the mother-of-pearl inlay on the touch points are all still there.
This sax comes from a regular gigging professional. He had pads replaced as needed over the years, and most in the upper stack are fairly new, fitted with brown plastic resonators. The lower stack is older with a mismatch of resonators, and while the keywork is a bit “clicky” in spots and a repad may not be too far off, the pads are still sealing decently. As such, we are selling this tenor “as is” on the existing pads, at a greatly reduced price. If you are in the market for a Super 20 with some extra frills, this one is definitely worth a look.
We recently hooked the sax up and did a video with Austin testing out the Vox. The octave down and contrabass settings both still work. We could not seem to get anything out of the two higher modes “trumpet” and “oboe” settings. The unit is older and as we are traditionally not into much on the audio end of things it is quite possible the unit could be made to work better in the right hands. Right now it functions enough to play as shown in the video but it might not be wise to use it out on a gig as the unit is older and makes cracking noise when the quarter inch cable is moved. It was also noted to us by the previous owner to be careful not to blow your speakers out when turning on the contrabass setting.
We are selling the sax in as is condition with the Vox unit also in as is condition because of the cool factor of the instrument in original condition.