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P. Mauriat System 76 3rd Edition Greg Osby Signature Alto Sax # 38/100

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P. Mauriat System 76 – No High F#
This is a very nice P. Mauriat Greg Osby Signature alto saxophone #38/100. P. Mauriat released these saxophones as a limited run of 100. The Osby is considered to be an elite pro model instrument and is the 3rd iteration of the System 76. Built as a collaboration between Greg Osby and P. Mauriat, the Osby Signature has all of the things that make P. Mauriat horns great along with its own individuality. Constructed from the body tube of a System 76 it sports a beautiful dual finish of dark cognac lacquer and silver plate. An eloquent blend of metals and finish give the horn a powerfully rich free blowing sound character while maintaining the highest level of consistency in timbre and control across the instruments entire range.
The body of this particular saxophone is in excellent physical condition. It shows history of quite a bit of play time by the past owner but it was well taken care of and does not have history of any past damage. There has never been any solder repairs on this sax. The original silver plated Super VI is with the saxophone. It has never been pulled down.
Greg put a lot of time making sure every aspect of the signature alto was built to his exact specifications. The table keys (low C and Eb) are slightly different in their shaping in comparison to the standard 76 model. This greatly improves the overall handling and key feel in the right hand pinky. The low end of the sax also includes double arm construction on the bell keys which drastically improves the response of the low end. It also features no lyer mount and no high F# key. The exclusion of those things allows the horn to breathe easier and be more responsive to air flow overall. From the bell keys all the way up into the altissimo the Greg Osby Signature plays with incredible response and ease.
This saxophone came into our shop playing on an older set-up. We will go through the sax once more in our shop to ensure it is sealing up before we ship it out. This saxophone ships with the original P. Mauriat hard plastic “Warrior” case.