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P. Mauriat Master 97 Tenor Saxophone in Gold Lacquer, Serial #PM0921018 – Lightly Used

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Product ID: PM0921018PmMaster97Tenor


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P. Mauriat Master 97 Tenor - Includes Pro Set-Up!
This is a beautiful Master 97 tenor sax hone by P. Mauriat, serial number PM0921018. The Master 97 is P. Mauriat's elite pro model saxophone. This one is in pristine condtion. It was used by the original owner for about a year and is still in outstanding condition.
The body of the tenor looks absolutely fantastic. It has had one small and hard to see re-solder on the top gaurd foot of the low Eb key gaurd.  There is a few light scratches here and there but nothing major.  All of the pads are in brand new condition as well as the resonators. The tenor has been professionally serviced by our shop in the past and is in perfect playing condition. We will also check it out once more before shipping to ensure it goes out in tip top playing condition. 
The Master 97T is a top notch professional saxophone. It showcases a dual – alloy construction and as sterling silvered octave pips. The sterling silver is there to enhance response and add additional warmth. These saxophones also sport rose brass on their necks to further enrich their sonic character. The Master 97 is an ideal professional instrument for use in any musical genre. In comparison to the 66R model the 97 is noticeably darker and more focused. It has a beautiful traditional look across the body and key work which is perfectly complemented by the engraving. 
Pick this one up at a very sweet price. Ships in perfect playing condition with the Saxquest pro set-up and contured case.