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P Mauriat Master 97 Alto Saxophone in Raw Brass, Serial #PM04025615

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Product ID: PM04025615Mast97ULAlt19


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Show Model - Master 97 Alto Sax

This is a lovely P. Mauriat Master 97 alto saxophone in un-lacquered finish, serial number PM04025615. The alto is from our show stock. It has never been owned but has seen some play time at a few different music trade shows. This alto is in fantastic shape and is a premier player for this price. It is a very dynamic horn with a fast response and it plays with a lot of power. It ships in perfect playing condition with the Saxquest professional set-up and includes the P. Mauriat manufactures warranty.

The Master 97 is a completely redesigned model offered by P Mauriat, and plays like a mesh of the 67R series and the System 76. It has a lot of warmth and character in its tone, but also blows effortlessly without a lot of back pressure, and projection is unparalleled. A great all-around alto for a multitude of genres from classical to jazz to rock.

This particular alto is in great physical condition. It was played at a few music trade shows but has never been owned. As a un-lacquered horn it does show some cosmetic imperfections from previous play testing but is other wise in perfect condition. If you are looking to save some money on a new saxophone this is a great way to go.