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P Mauriat Le Bravo 200 Soprano Sax - 2 Detachable Necks, Pro Set up - Serial # PM08120520

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Our Price: $ 1,650.00

Product ID: PM08120520LeBravoSop

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Here's a great deal on a P Mauriat Le Bravo soprano sax with a couple factory blemishes. This soprano, serial number PM08120520, has never been sold nor extensively played, and is available for a substantial savings from the current “new” price.


The Le Bravo 200 series features a brushed, matte finish body, with gold lacquered keys and silver plated necks, for added richness and depth. This soprano has keywork to high F#, a comfortable modern key action, and interchangeable straight and curved necks, for player preference. There are two minor imperfections from the factory: a spot of acid bleed at the base of one of the lower body posts (left side picture # 7), and some minor silver finish wear near the cork on the straight neck (pictures # 17 & 18). No other wear of note, and the horn is otherwise in new condition. It will get a fresh pro set up from our repair shop before shipping, and arrive to you in perfect adjustment.


P Mauriat markets the Le Bravo series as an intermediate model horn, but this soprano hangs in their with some of the top horns out there. It plays with a quick and lively response, with excellent control and a good center. It takes your air very quickly with little resistance, and overall has a slightly brighter, edgier sound. Great contemporary sounding instrument at a price that won't break the bank. Ships in its original case.