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Outstanding 'Purple Logo' Yamaha YAS-31 Alto Saxophone - Serial # 003313

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Product ID: 003313Yamaha31Alto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a beautiful condition Yamaha YAS-31 alto sax, serial number 003313. You don't see this model pop up very often. It was made concurrently with the YAS-61. Whereas the 61 was Yamaha's first pro model sax, the 31 was their first intermediate or “step up” model, the predecessor to the long-running YAS-52. It has similar features to the early Yamaha pro horns like the long wrap-around low keyguard, keywork to high F#, and “purple logo” stamping.


This alto has obviously been extremely well cared for over its life. The original lacquer is in amazing shape, a solid 95+% intact. The only wear is minor surface scratching from honest use, with no dents or dings, no resolders or past repairs. The original neck has never been damaged either. The horn came to us playing well on older pads, so to do it right, we are replacing the pads in the upper stack that are starting to show their age, as well as all of the key adjustment corks and felts. We'll clean it up, and do a fresh regulation on the keys to make sure it feels like a new horns again.


This is a fine alto for players looking for a budget Yamaha that is a far cry better instrument than the student saxes they offer. It plays with a free and open sound, very quick and lively response. Overall a slightly brighter sounding instrument, and perfect for jazz, rock, or funk gigs where you need some edge. Ships in its original case.