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Outstanding Original Lacquer Buescher 400 Top Hat & Cane Tenor Sax - Serial # 349271

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Product ID: 349271B400Tenor

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Here's the real deal: an outstanding original lacquer Buescher 400 “Top Hat & Cane” engraved tenor sax, serial number 349271. This tenor doesn't look to have been played too much in its life. It shows mild lacquer wear, and came to us on old pads that could very well be original to the horn. Obviously it's been sitting in its case for a long time, but we'll make it ready to go for a long time to come.


The original lacquer on this tenor is in great shape, roughly 85% intact. The only previous repair I can spot is some very minor dent work on the backside curve of the bottom bow. It was done very well, with only minor lacquer loss as evidence of the work. The curve is perfect now. There are no other previous repairs, including no resolders. The sax still has all of its original hardware, including gold plated Norton springs, amber rollers, and best yet, all of the original metal snap-in resonators.


To do this tenor right, we are going to give it our complete pro overhaul. We'll replace all pads and material (using the original snaps), and set spring tensions and key heights to original factory specs. Once complete, it will be like this tenor stepped through time, and will be playing as good (or better!) than the day it left the factory.


The Top Hat & Cane horns are arguably the most popular saxes ever made by Buescher. Featuring a bigger bell, and offering more volume, than the Aristocrat, this was a jazz tenor made to compete with Selmer, and it does a great job of it. While not as focused as a Selmer, it plays with a lot of warmth and color, while keeping the near-legendary resonance that Bueschers are known for. A very fun horn to play. Ships in its original case as photoed.