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Outstanding Original Lacquer '67 Vintage Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax - Serial # 146090

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Product ID: 146090MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Fantastic 1967 vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI alto sax, serial number 146090. This sax is the real deal: great original lacquer, American style engraving, and good looks from top to bottom. A great sax for serious players seeking the quintessential Mark VI alto sound.


This alto has it all. The original lacquer is a solid 90% intact, with typical cosmetic wear for a horn that has been out in the real work getting played. There are a couple repairs of note: some minor work on the low Eb and C tone holes, evidenced by lacquer loss in the area, though the work is top notch. The bell flare took a bend on one side in shipping to us, but we'll correct that in our shop. The original neck may have been ever-so-slightly bent in the past. There's a minor lacquer crease on one side, and none on the other, so it's impossible to say for certainty. There are absolutely no resolders on this alto anywhere.


Pads are a few years old, fitted with original style brown nylon resonators, but they are still soft and sealing well, and show lots of remaining life. The sax will get a fresh cleaning and adjustment from our repair shop before shipping, where we'll replace all material and any pads starting to show age. The sax will be finely regulated so that it is playing tip-top when you receive it.


Envision the perfect Mark VI alto sound, and this horn has it. Big, bold, powerful, with lots of warmth and color, it will do anything you want it to do. Lightning fast response and a quick attack, but still a strong core and just a hint of positive resistance to give you something to push against, which really aids in providing that foundation in the altissimo. Strong alto all around, and great for the player seeking the last alto they'll ever has to buy. Ships in its original Chesterfield case.