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Otto Link Tone Edge 8 Hr for Alto Sax Re-faed by Brian Powell - .077 – Long Rolled Baffle

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Product ID: OlinkTEdgeBP077AltRB


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Otto Link Tone Edge .077”
This is a very cool Otto Link Tone Edge 8 for alto saxophone. The piece was recently worked on by mouthpiece tech Brain Powell. This particular Otto Link looks like it is an older design then the current tone edge model. Its shank is noticeably shorter and it does have a very present rolled baffle in the upper center of the floor. As always Brian’s work is tremendous and the profile of the piece is pristine. The outer body of the piece is also in great shape. 
This is a pretty flexible playing mouthpiece. It is ideal for anyone in need of a versatile piece for straight ahead jazz alto playing.  
The tip opening of this piece measures .077.” This is in the sweet spot between a 6 and a 7 in Otto Link and Meyer measurements.