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Otto Link Super Tone Master Early Babbitt Vintage 6* Refaced to .105 by B.P.

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Product ID: OLInkStm6s105TenRB


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Re-faced to 7* .105 by Brian Powell
This is a very nice vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The mouthpiece was made during the “Early Babbitt” period and was originally stamped a 6*. It was more recently professionally worked on by Brian Powell and now measures .105'. This piece plays with a gorgeous color and a focused sonic intensity you want in a good Super Tone Master. 
Physically this piece is in really nice condition and aside from standard scratches along the outer body does not show any major wear. The black bite plate is in good shape and shows no indentations. Brian did a great job on the facing. It shows off a super clean profile with a smooth inner baffle.