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Otto Link New Super Tone Master 7* Metal Mouthpiece For Tenor Saxophone - 0.100"/2.54 mm

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Product ID: OlinkNewSTMTen7str10060122


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Warm and Even - Like New!
This is one of Otto Link's new Super Tone Master metal mouthpieces in a 7* tip setting, measuring at a solid 0.100"/2.54 mm. This piece is in like-new condition with only a few play-tests under its belt, and because of that there are light topographical ligature markings along the sides. The table, side rails, rail tip, and beak are in great condition with no dings or divots.
A lovely slow sloping rolled baffle was designed with concave sidewalls to give you a lush, powerful sound with a tasteful amount of edge to cap off a lovely complex tone. This piece is playing great and freely in all registers, it's very enjoyable for anyone wanting to have an instantly recognizable jazz tone acoustically or run through a standard dynamic mic and PA system.