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ORIGINAL Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax - High F#, Serial #129898

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Product ID: 129898MarkVITen


HELP, I Want One!

This is a beautiful 1965 vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax, serial number 129898. This tenor looks incredible with 98% original lacquer intact. It has been played some but obviously not too much! This is a great horn for collectors looking to pick up a vintage VI, which is just about as pretty as you'll ever see.


This is a European engraved and lacquered Mark VI, so the color is a bit brighter than the American engraved horns you are used to seeing. It does feature keywork to high F#, which is obviously a huge bonus not seen on a lot of Mark VI's. The horn shows a couple past dings and dimples from meeting a chair or stand, but no serious past trauma. There is one previous repair: at some point the top receiver on the horn, where the neck inserts, popped off, and was resoldered. There is no evidence of damage there, so it looks like it was just a weak solder joint from the factory. There are no other resolders or previous repairs, and the original neck has never been damaged. It still has all of the factory blue paint around the “S” of the octave key!


This tenor arrived to us on all factory original pads, well past their life. As such, it is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh overhaul. We'll replace all pads and material, and adjust key heights and spring tensions throughout, to bring the sax back to a factory feel.


If you've been on the hunt for a Mark VI that hasn't been beat to hell and back, this is a great option. We'll get some fresh photos and a new video once the overhaul is complete, to see what this horn is really capable of. As it sits now, it is blowing through the old pads and still has a lot of presence. I can tell once the work is complete, it is going to be a big player. Can't wait to see this one done and ready to go!