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Original Silver Plated Wurlitzer (Conn Stencil) Curved Soprano Sax - Serial # P2852X

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Product ID: P2852XWurlitzerSop

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This is a vintage Wurlitzer curved soprano sax in original silver plate, serial number P2852X. The bell is engraved “Made by Rudolph Wurlitzer” but the horn definitely looks like an old Conn stencil.


This soprano shows a fair amount of finish wear to the original silver plating, but other than cosmetics, it is in fine physical condition. A couple resolders on the low Eb and C keyguards, and another on the fixed neck where maybe some air was escaping at some point, but no dents or other previous repairs. It features keywork to high Eb and the keywork is laid out just as an old Conn.


Pads don't look to be in all that bad of shape, but a few are pretty sticky and the sax could definitely use some pad work. With our repair shop so behind, we've made the decision to sell this horn in as-is condition. With a bit of work, it can be a real sweet little horn. Ships in a good hard case.