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Original Silver Plated Conn Chu Berry Series Soprano Sax - Serial # 196445

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Product ID: 196445ConnChuSop


HELP, I Want One!

Original silver plated CG Conn “Chu Berry” series soprano sax, serial number 196445. This soprano has been sitting for a long time and as such, is long overdue for a repad. We are currently offering the horn “as is,” but we are also offering the option to have us restore it to perfection if you so choose.


The silver plating has tarnished up with time, but like all old silver, the horn will polish up to shine line new with a little elbow grease. Despite as dirty as it looks right now, the original silver really has very little wear, even on the touch points. Even better, the horn shows no past history of dents or damage repairs, including no resolders. It really is straight physically, meaning the repad is going to be easy and straight forward. If you select to have us do the work, we'll take it apart, clean and polish the horn, replace all pads and material (metal resonators, synthetic corks), and adjust key heights and spring tensions throughout.


Unfortunately on the old pads, the sax is not playing as it sits. Once you get it restored properly, it will be a fantastic vintage Conn, made in the heyday of Conn ingenuity. The sax does have rolled tone holes (which have never been filed on), fingernail file G# in the pinky cluster, etc. A great throwback horn to the golden age of the American big band era.