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Original Silver Plated Conn 'Art Deco' Engraved Alto Sax - Serial # 247060

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Our Price: $ 850.00

Product ID: 247060ConnAlto

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Bargain priced original Conn Transitional - Needs Pads

This is a deal for anyone with a repair bench at home (or a buddy in repair who owes you a favor). This is an original silver plated “transitional” C.G. Conn Chu Berry model alto sax, serial number 247060, complete with the highly desirable art deco-themed engraving. Fully restored this alto is pushing $2000, and you rarely see them come up for sale as it is.


This alto has it all. It features of both the 6M and the earlier Chu series. Trill G#, swivel thumbrest, rolled tone holes, and double socket microtuner neck with underslung octave key are all present. The sax shows some normal finish wear on the touch points but is overall in solid shape. It has a few minor dings here and there but no serious past trauma. The neck has two tiny dings that should be easily removed. No resolders that I can see.


Pads are old and worn, and the sax will most definitely need a repad before it will play. All of the keywork moves easily and the horn looks straight, so should be a fairly straight forward overhaul. It does ship in a hard case.