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Original Silver Plated Conn 6M VIII 'Naked Lady' Alto Sax - Serial # 301361

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Product ID: 301361Conn6MAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Good Pads & a GREAT Player

This is an excellent condition, original silver plated CG Conn 6M “Naked Lady” engraved alto sax, serial number 301361. This alto features rolled tone holes and the improved 6M table keys, and the original neck has the double socket receiver and underslung octave key. This is one of the fabled VIII 6M's, known for being the best players of this vintage.


This alto is in stellar shape, with no signs of any past trauma. There appears to have been some minor dent work in the bottom bow and there is one resoldered joint, on one foot of the low Eb keyguard. I see no other past repairs. The rolled tone holes have never been filed on, and the neck has never been pulled down, with the microtuner mechanism moving freely. The original silver plating has some mild tarnishing going on, but shows excellent coverage with only mild wear on a few touch points. All original rollers as well. This sax really is in superb physical condition top to bottom.


This sax was fully repadded a couple years ago, with pads fitted with brown plastic resonators. The pads are still in great shape with years of life ahead of them. The set up is solid, with a smooth crisp action, and everything feels tight. The sax is sealing great and is ready to go.


This alto plays with a full sound and easy response. It has an effortless quality which you can only find on some of the great vintage American made horns, and the silver adds depth and color to its tone. Projection is solid too. A great old alto.