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Original Silver Plated CG Conn Chu Berry Tenor Sax in New Pads - Serial # 172005

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Product ID: 172005ConnChuTenor

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Shipping with fresh adjustment

Cool 1926 vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II “Chu Berry” model tenor sax, serial number 172005. This is an original silver plated Chu in great shape despite being over 90 years old! It is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh cleaning and adjustment, where we'll get it playing better than it ever has.


The pictures tell the tale on this horn. The original matte silver plating is about 75% intact, with nominal wear mostly on the usual touch points. The original neck has a couple tiny, cosmetic pings, but has never been pulled down. The body of the sax shows no previous damages or repairs, including no resolders. The sax does feature rolled tone holes, which have never been filed on.


This tenor looks to have been recently repadded, fitted with brown plastic resonators. Pads are in like-new condition, but there are currently some leaks, so we are going to disassemble and reseat all pads. We'll also replace all of the regulation corks and felts, and adjust spring tensions and key heights for optimal feel and response. We'll get it right!


This tenor plays just as you want a vintage Conn to play. It has a nice spread quality that fills up a room, and it takes your air very quickly, with a fast response. It definitely has a warm sound, but not overly dark, and certainly not stuffy! A very lively player, and a great jazz horn.