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Original Silver Plated CG Conn 6M VIII Naked Lady Alto Sax - Serial # 279229

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Product ID: 279229Conn6MAlto

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This is a nice, original silver plated C.G. Conn 6M alto sax, serial number 279229. This is a very early vintage “naked lady” 6M, dating to 1937, and has the VIII stamping on both the body and the original neck. It is in solid shape top to bottom, and will get a fresh cleaning/polishing and adjustment from our store before shipping.


As you can see in the photos, outside of tarnish, the horn looks great (and the tarnish will be cleaned up). The original silver plating is 95%+ intact with no major wear of note, including the gold wash in the bell. The rolled tone holes haven't been filed on and are in great shape. There's one dent right on the bottom bow that we're going to do our best to remove, but being right on the guard, there will still be some evidence of past work, even after we are done. Unfortunately all of the original rollers are currently frozen stiff, but we'll remove them and replace with new ones. The sax has all the bells and whistles of a premier 6M: improved table keys, trill G#, and the original neck has the underslung octave key, double socket receiver, and microtuner mechanism.


Current pads are fitted with brown plastic resonators and are in solid shape, but the sax needed a good pro set up when it came in, so it is currently in our repair shop in line for that work. We're going to completely disassemble the sax, polish the body and all the keys up to a perfect shine, replace all key adjustment corks and felts, and reseat pads as needed. It'll ship to you in perfect playing shape.


This 6M plays with a lush, slightly spread sound, with a lot of warmth and color in its tone. Nice and free blowing, and I expect its sound to get even bigger once we complete our adjustment. An awesome vintage horn from arguably the best era of Conn American made horns.