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Original Silver Plated Buescher Soprano Sax in the Key of C - Serial # 91571

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Product ID: 91571BuescherCSoprano

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Early “5 digit” Buescher True Tone series soprano sax in the key of C, serial number 91571. Dating back to the days when C sopranos and C tenors (the infamous “C Melody” sax) were a thing, this is an example of a musical instrument from a bygone era. It is priced low and is a great option for a hobbyist wanting to tool around at home.


This instrument, being in the key of C, was popular in the early 20th century, as players could read right off the piano book without having to transpose. They fell out of favor by the 1930s, and you don't see them much anymore, but they still have their niche uses. This Buescher is in solid shape, with just a couple previous repairs. This model features soldered on tone holes, and a couple have been resoldered, probably due to leaks at some point. Two posts on the body tube have also been resoldered. Because the horn is in original silver plate, the solder work can be tough to spot unless you know what to look for. Everything is very clean on this particular soprano.


Pads are a few years old but still in decent shape, fitted with brown plastic resonators. The sax is currently playing through some leaks and could use a good regulation if you plan on taking it out to a paying gig, but it is playing just fine for tooting around at home. It ships in its original hard case.